No doubt I’ve taken the scenic route. Here is a map of the road so far. Pursuing careers in media, entertainment, arts, & culture.


2013 – 2017: BA in Integrative Biology with a more than Minor dose of English, Harvard University



2017: Tutor, Media Assistant, Think Prep
2013: Editorial Assistant, Harvard Review 
Freelance Writer, Editor, Designer


Aug – Nov 2017: Editorial & Social Intern, Nautilus
Feb 2016 – May 2017: Managing Editor, Co-founder, Ecdysis
Sep 2016 – May 2017: Chorister, Harvard University Choir
Jan – Apr 2017: Associate Producer / Ariadne auf Naxos (Strauss), Lowell House Opera
Oct 2015 – Dec 2016: Researcher / Srivastava Lab, Harvard University Dept. of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology
Mar 2015 – Sep 2016: Illustrator / Designer, Harvard College Stories for Orphans
Oct 2013 – May 2016: Design Editor / BreviaHarvard College Undergraduate Research Association
Mar – Aug 2015: Research Assistant / Jessica Savage and Ailene Ettinger, Arnold Arboretum
Oct 2014 – Apr 2015: Alumni Relations & Publications Assistant, Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences


Benny and Mitzy, Exhibits A & B. Both rescues. Cue Wild Thornberries intro: “This is Benny, we found her. This is Mitzy, she found us.”



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